Computer MouseRug

I was looking for decorative, washable computer mouse mat/pad for a long time.
I tried many but didn’t like them. Then I decided to try MouseRug.
I have seen it in local shop in city centre of Oxford and fell in love with it.
Its really looks like tiny Oriental carpet that you never have to vacuum.
Its available in 5 styles. I fell in love with ‘Tree of Life’.
This Mouse Rug design inspired by a traditional Persian hand-knotted wool carpet that contains silk highlights.
The Persian Isfahan rug is a 20th century rendition of a “vase” carpet,
similar to rugs woven in the capital city of Isfagan in the 16th-17th centuries.
I like the birds and deer in the design.
Features & specs of the MouseRug:
.7″ wide x 9″ tall (10″ including fringe)
.Seven million (not a typo) individual fibres per MouseRug
.comfortable mousing surface-never hot, cold or sticky
.design printed without ink-made with yarn-dyed nylon
.automatically keeps mouse clean
.works great with optical mice
.Washable and colour-fast. I didn’t wash it,yet but can use a scrub brush and then with roller or sticky tape.
May also be hand-washed with mild dish soap.
This one I bought for my daughter 3 month ago. ‘The Jade Fars Pictorial’.
Inspired by a centuries old Persian rug from the south of Iran.
These rugs were originally made for the court and great nobles and were presented only on special occasions. Beautiful.


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