Bread Maker and Bread Bags

I baked some bread yesterday, dry rosemary and walnuts.
Its not first one and always good loaf.
I am using Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker SD-2501.
After trying few Bread Makers this one is the best for me.
My favourite flour is Allinson strong bread flour.
And I found perfect bread bags – Debbie Meyer bread bags.
12 re-usable bags in the box. 10 extra large for loaves, rolls, muffins,bagels…
2 extra long- just ideal for French Bread, Italians loaves, Baguettes…
They work to keep my breads fresh longer.
Also by Debbie Meyer green bags for fruits, vegetables.
And Cheese Bags. But I didn’t try them, yet.
To bake bread I am using only fresh east to avoid chemicals in dry east.
Also adding milk, sugar,flour, milk powder (soon I will stop use it),solt, olive oil.
Sometimes adding sun dried tomatoes (my family favourite),different herbs, nuts, bacon, salami cheese…


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