Our Tiffany was born in Kent and brought to us to Oxford 9 years ago.
Now she is back to Kent with us. Into the house where dog Nasher is living too.
They already have seen each other and aware about their living situation.
On those photos she is helping with sorting some books and papers.
I like to take pictures of her from the time she was little. But its my daughter who is excellent photographer.
And sometimes she takes photos for me.
Tiffany’s favourite biscuits made by PURINA ONE. I am getting for her indoor formula (for cats mainly living indoors),
Coat & Hairball (for healthy skin and beautiful coat) and Adult formula (rich in chicken and whole grains).

R: 167 G: 255 B: 176 X:39852 Y: 0 S: 361 Zs: 0 Zp: 232 F:65520 I: 0 ImgVer:

Every year I am growing for her some grass, she loves it.


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