Memories of winter in Oxford

Winter is nearly here and for the first time for many years I will be in another part of the country for Christmas. So those photos just a memories of the past.
Oxford Castle Unlocked. Those photos were taking more then 5 years ago.
At that time there was German-style Christmas Market. There were 40 beautifully decorated wooden stalls offering a wonderful selection of Christmas gifts and seasonal treats. Wonderful magical atmosphere.
Tom Tower, St Aldate’s street, Christ Church.
Sometimes in winter can see Merling on the street 🙂
St Michael Tower at the Northgate Church in Cornmarket, one of the oldest churches in Oxford, is recorded in the Domesday Book. Its tower was built around 1050.
On the second photo is Covered Market. Open since 1774. Interesting place to visit. I always bought there free range eggs and chickens.
18 December 2010 Oxford7 18 December 2010 Oxford
Broad Street. Balliol College.  Its was founded in 1263. and was the first college with communal housing. From 1884, woman were allowed in college classes.
I just love the red post boxes. The red post box is regarded as a British cultural icon. The first red pillar post boxes were erected in Jersey in 1852. I have seen green colour in New Zealand and in Rochester, Kent. Will take a picture tomorrow.


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