Its all about sewing

Just few things related to sewing I love so much.

For Organizing my sewing cottons my husband made for me Thread Holder.
I am very pleased with it.

This is just a small part of my fabric collection.
Its very difficult to ignore fabric in the shops.
But very often I just go and look and creating a reason to get some more lol
Those beautiful fabric I bought to make Long Sleeve Bolero for my torques dress.
I managed to put together sewing pattern from some of my old sewing patterns.
I am pleased with result and went out wearing it in a few occasions.
Made few fabric hearts, was lovely relaxing sewing evening. On the left someone bought already. Will make another one for myself, will look good in my bedroom.
few of my cross stitch projects. But I more into sewing now.

Those cushions and Stool Cover I made to relax in one cold winter evening.
Was lovely to use my sewing machine. My sewing room isn’t ready, yet. We still organizing our house after move.
This winter will be very creative.


About laras notebook

my notebook for collecting ideas for creative life.....
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