Memories of Oxford

I love photography and the best way to remember places you have been its take some photos.
Few photos of Oxford I found on my PC. And decided to include them here in my Notebook.

The house with the shark through the roof,in Headington, Oxford.Those shark made of fibreglass and 7.5 metre long. The shark has been on the house since 1986. Despite the local council’s attempts to get rid of it, the shark survived, thanks to an appeal to the then secretary of state for the environment, Michael Heseltine.

Classic cars in Oxford Castle yard.

Since the 19th century Fair in oxford is being held in a major street of a city and blocking traffic for its two-day duration in September each year.

Oxford Canal, I love those houseboats. The Oxford Canal is a 78-mile-long, lovely place to walk.

Chequers Inn, in High Street,
‘Much of the interior of our pub dates from the 1500s when an old tenement belonging to a moneylender was rebuilt as a tavern. The chequerboard was the symbol of the money-changer, having its origins in the checked cloth used by the Romans in their calculations ? hence Chancellor of the Exchequer. Our pub once exhibited strange animals discovered by 17th Century explorers and technological marvels of the age.’ (


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