Cape from Fustian

I was need a cape for a celebration day.
New Look 6833 pattern I had for a little wile and decided to use it.
The instructions were easy to follow.

I used wonderful Fustian and red satin lining but I never used Fustian before.
On internet can find some information about.
The cloth is possibly named after the Egyptian city of Fustat near Cairo that manufactured such a material.
In the 13th and 14th centuries priests’ robes and women’s dresses were made of fustian.
(More about it can find on:

Fustian was mention in the biography of Humphrey Chetham (

‘Humphrey Chetham (1580–1653), the most successful gentleman merchant of seventeenth-century Lancashire, was born in Crumpsall, near Manchester. His fortune was made in the cloth trade, mainly in buying and selling fustian, a strong woven fabric made of linen and cotton. He was a shrewd and successful businessman, and in the 1620s began to purchase land and property in the Manchester area.’

Now I would like to make a different type of spring coat from the same pattern.
Light wool fabric would be perfect. I need to look at my fabric stash.

Those cape I made few years ago (from my own pattern) for my Victorian costume to wear at Christmas time.
Green muff I made for 1700 s costume for one of our guides, when I was working in Oxford Castle.


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