Recipe Journals

I just love to cut out recipes from the magazines. Was given as a presents ‘Recipe file’ and ‘Grandmas kitchen journal’. Both are useful for collecting recipes.

This is inside of the ‘Recipe file’. It has 45 plastic pockets to hold 90 recipes, 5 moveable index cards, 6 blank recipe sheets, conversion table, wipe clean, water resistant stand and cover, easy to use flip-top binding. I have many hand-jotted recipes and magazine clippings so this file is very useful for me.

I love this very colorful journal. A handy pocket for clippings and cuttings.

Its has the useful note section, can quickly jot down any food-related tip, plus there is a space for writing recipes.

Also some recipes ready to cook. Perfect!

This is my bread. I am baking it every week. We never buy bread from the shop.
I collected few photos of my baking –

sun-dried tomato and cheese bread


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