Emeralite lamp

I just love and always wanted to have the Emeralite Lamp, more commonly known today as a ‘banker’s lamp’.

Its was a nice surprise to come back home from hospital (I broke my arm when ice-skating) and see my dream lamp on the table in the living room.
So lovely to use it in the evening with no any other lights around.

Ifounf this picture on internet on this site-
Harrison D. McFadden was a designer of the lamp.
In 1909 that the first Emeralite lamp was produced
The Emeralite Lamp, more commonly known today as a ‘banker’s lamp’ is an iconic design, characterised by a brass stand and green glass lamp shade.
These unique lamps were originally produced in Czechoslovakia under order by H.G. McFaddin & Co.
I like that the shade does not have any sharp corners; instead, they are rounded giving a truly unique, beautiful design.
The lamp was originally designed with white opal glass on the interior side and a layer of green glass on the outside.
more infor –


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