Painting I didn’t know about

A few years ago I took those photo of a little girl in the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, on Beaumont Street, Oxford.
By then I already knew everything about her and her family from unknown to me visitor from USA.
He came to Oxford Castle where I worked at that time and asked me where he can see the painting of Penelope Boothby, aged 4, by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
I was unaware of it. He showed me old original manuscript of the book about history of the painting and I got very interested to find it.
I was told that before its was on the wall behind the door of some room in the Ashmolean Museum.
We went there, nobody knew anything about it. My husband started to look in every room. Then we found it in a Music room. And I managed to take only one photo.

Penelope’s father was Sir Brooke Boothby, 6th Baronet.
On 19 March 1791, disaster struck. She died at the age of five.
A remarkable tomb constructed for her which included a life-size statue of her sleeping. The tomb is in St. Oswald’s Church in Ashbourne along with many other Boothby memorials and graves.
The Boothby Monument, described as being so lifelike that the child could be sleeping, is inscribed with an epitaph to Penelope’s honour: “She was in form and intellect most exquisite. The unfortunate Parents ventured their all on this frail Bark. And the wreck was total”
Some people come from USA just to look at the painting of Penelope Boothby! I am speechless.
For more information and pictures about it can visit this site.

The Short Life and Long Afterlife of Penelope Boothby (1785–1791)

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For Love of Books

From my little books collection.
Love antiques, especially books.

A History of Everyday Things in England.1066-1799
A History of Everyday Things in England is a series of four history books for children
written by Marjorie Quennell and her husband Charles Henry Bourne Quennell between 1918 and 1934.
The books concern English history between 1066 and 1914
Cover page, illustration by Marjorie Quennell
I was very lucky to find this book in Oxford market (£3.00)

This is the first of this famous series. This particular copy has very nice colored plates as well as black and white illustrations. It’s a very well researched series.

I love little books by Beatrix Potter.
Its just a small collection from 1970s

My Tiffany loves paper. She can spend long time looking at posters, book, money….

Tiffany’s cat food money, lol

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New Job

Love my new job, so much to learn. And even with a little free time left – I am enjoying it.

Took this photo in the shop. Its makes me relax.

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More from Alice

I bought this book for myself. Fall in love with a  beautiful artwork. And cover of the book so lovely to touch.

‘Have you guessed the riddle yet?’-the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
‘No, I give it up Alice replied:’What’s the answer?’
‘I haven’t the slightest idea,’said the Hatter.

Those photo I took in Oxford, in Christ Church College,
where Charles Dodgson (Levis Carroll) wrote his stories.

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Few Costumes from the Past

I just found on my computer few photos of the costumes I made for myself and my husband.
They were my first ones. And I feel nostalgic looking at them.
It was time of experiments and fun.

I used Butterick B4571. I liked the design of the pattern.
I designed embroidery from old historical drawing examples and embroidered all gown,
using silk, gold embroidery threads and some beads. It tool long time to do it, but I was pleased with the result.

The colour on the photos slightly different.
Flash in the house made it red. The over-sleeves are really full and they drape nicely.
If I ever make this gown again I would like to make those sleeves very long and add a lining, because the pattern doesn’t include. The skirt is lovely and full.
I embroidered eyelets with cotton thread.

If I was getting married I would make this my wedding dress from Silk Duchess Satin with contrast in Aqua Blue and will add some fabric roses.

I made this medieval monk costume for my husband from my own sewing pattern.

I used Super Soft Faux Suede-like Fabric. Its can be washed by hand.
Just bought black cotton lace. I didn’t decided what I will use it for, yet.

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In the streets of Rochester, Kent…

My favourite place in Kent is Rochester.
I can visit it all year around. Especially now when I moved so close to the town.
Can take photo with interesting people and move back in time

I like shop windows, they always so creative.

Classic cars just waiting to be photographed.

Music and dancing on the street make you feel so good.

And I love those red clothes. Cold now, so I have my lovely warm gloves.

And Rochester castle, who will miss that beautiful historical place.
In summer I just love to sit on the grass with some ice-cream.
And Christmas market – wonderful time.

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Afternoon baking

Everything is ready for making cake.
I used home-made raspberry jam. My husband made it
I love photography, so just taking photos with everything I do

My husband had some fun with decorating it himself.

Long time I couldn’t decide for lighting in the dinning room.
But we found those two wonderful lights , they exactly what we wanted.
Well its not about cooking, but its all everyday life.

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