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In the streets of Rochester, Kent…

My favourite place in Kent is Rochester. I can visit it all year around. Especially now when I moved so close to the town. Can take photo with interesting people and move back in time I like shop windows, they … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland

I just love everything to do with ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This is my favourite shop in Oxford, Alice’s Shop. One of the most famous little shops in the world. The shop has a link to the story. Alice Liddell used … Continue reading

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Our Tiffany was born in Kent and brought to us to Oxford 9 years ago. Now she is back to Kent with us. Into the house where dog Nasher is living too. They already have seen each other and aware … Continue reading

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Back to my Notebook

Settling into a new home in Kent was a big adjustment for me, family and my cat Tiffany. It took a bit of planning. I did pack my belongings properly, and move your home with relative ease. One of the … Continue reading

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Garden Gloves

Garden gloves! You love them or not. I love gardening and many gloves went through my hands without trace. So I always was looking for something better. In Yarnton Nurseries I found interesting goatskin leather garden gloves. And fell in … Continue reading

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